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JBP Living Strat JustBeenPaid News

JBP Living Strat JustBeenPaid News

PK Clarke

Executive Director for Development of JBP Living

PK has decades of business and marketing experience, and expertise and in a broad range of genres, from traditional to web based. A born entrepreneur - she is applying her vision and knowledge of: Marketing - Investment - Real Estate - the Hospitality Industry - Retail - and Personal Success Development to the creation and development of the new and exciting programs which will be rolled out with the launch of JBP Living.
Make no mistake - JBP is NOT "just another HYIP" - with the launch of JBP Living, JBP members will be able to enjoy a complete "Resource & Solution Center for Individual Success," assisting in the improvement of every aspect of life, both monetary and personal, in new and unique ways.

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